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By company membership, the German Medicines Manufacturers´ Association (BAH) is the leading trade organisation of the pharmaceutical industry in Germany. It represents the interests of about 400 member companies, which create about 80,000 jobs in Germany. Globally operating medicines manufacturers are as involved in the manifold activities of the association as the broadly represented medium-sized businesses. 

Besides medicines manufacturers, BAH membership is also comprised of pharmacists, lawyers, publishing houses and agencies, as well as market research and opinion research institutions. 

BAH member companies contribute enormously to the securing of the supply of medicines in Germany. For example, they produce nearly 80 per cent of the prescription-free medicines sold in pharmacies and almost two thirds of the prescription medicines as well as a major part of the substance-based medical devices, providing patients with products that are both effective and safe.

BAH advocates for secure and responsible self-medication through professional medical and pharmaceutical advice. Therefore, BAH strongly supports the statutory protection of the owner-operated pharmacy as primary institution for distribution.

Contact partner for politics and science

Due to its high degree of professional competence and expert knowledge, BAH is a close contact partner for politicians, authorities and institutions within the healthcare sector, and provides a strong link between various interest groups. In addition to political activities, the BAH is engaged in extensive science-based work in the pharmaceutical area. BAH collects and evaluates information on medicines and elaborates opinions on developments in the pharmaceutical sector.

Logistically, BAH manages these tasks through its offices with about 45 employees. The work of the association is driven and guided by the Management Board and numerous committees and working groups.

International networking

The establishment of the European single market has necessitated representation of the interests of medicines manufacturers to the European Commission and the European Parliament.  

In Europe, the Association of the European Self-Medication Industry (AESGP) has adopted this task. AESGP was founded in 1964 in Paris. Since 1990, it is based in Brussels. Beyond the European borders, BAH is involved in the activities of the Global Self-Care Federation.

Further Cooperations

  • On 7 May 2013 BAH and involved companies founded the association “Initiative medicines for children“ (“Initiative Arzneimittel für Kinder”, IKAM). The aim of the association is to support the safe use of medicines in children.
  • INTEGRITAS, the “Association for fair advertising of remedies” („Verein für lautere Heilmittelwerbung e.V.”), was founded in 1962 on the initiative of BAH. The aim of the association is to preserve fair advertising for medicinal products and related products as an important instrument for fair competition in social market economy, including consumer protection.
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