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Bundesverband der Arzneimittel-Hersteller e.V.
(German Medicines Manufacturers' Association)

Authorised representatives: 

Management Board according to § 26 BGB (German Federal Law Book):

Jörg Wieczorek, Chair, each with one Board member

Dr. Günter Auerbach, Vice-chair

Tobias Boldt, Vice-chair

Dr. Traugott Ullrich, Vice-chair

Jan Kuskowski, Treasurer

Dorothee Brakmann, PhD

Stefan Brinkmann

Ralf Mayr-Stein, PhD

Henriette Starke

Carsten Timmering

Director General:

Hubertus Cranz, PhD

Ubierstr. 71-73
53173 Bonn

Register of Associations: Bonn Municipal Court (Amtsgericht Bonn)
Register Number: 4939 


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